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Antibiotics? Naw! Try Oil of Oregano instead!

Oil of Oregano is a MUST HAVE for every single family. It is documented in several medical studies as having the ability to rival the strength of vancomyacin, which one of the strongest antibiotics available. Hospitals regularly give vancomyacin intravenously when oral antibiotics fail. (pubmed.org)  As an added bonus, unlike traditionally used medical antibiotics, Oil of Oregano doesn’t run the risk of bacteria learning how to defend itself against it. (No, resistance issues present themselves in case studies, which is why Big Pharma is so interested in breaking it down to patent it.) Oil of Oregano will be here, fully functional, even when in a few more years as they predict, antibiotics will no longer be effective.

When penicillin was first created, it was known even then that antibiotics, no matter how they were altered had a life span of only several decades. In order to make it last as long as possible doctors were urged to not over prescribe or allow patients to use them improperly (such as when people stop using them before the bacteria is wiped out.) And so, in reading the warnings in medical journals, it has become clear to me from countless studies that our human marriage with antibiotics will be coming to a close shortly. With the rise of MRSA, we can see this already happening. This is why, the absolute RULE for my family is that unless it is a life or death matter, we will refuse antibiotics.

Enter: Medicinal oils such as oregano, thyme and clove. Each of these oils have tremendous bacteria killing capabilities. They kill bacteria in an entirely different way. So, even if the body still has remaining bacteria in it, that bacteria has not been able to “learn” how to mutate to overcome these oils. Each of these oils can be taken internally in a caplet. I use clove on my skin, because it smells nice. I use oil of oregano internally because it has been studied very extensively and seems to be the strongest and most effective of these powerful herbal oils.


  • All of these oils need to be diluted, because they can cause irritation if they are not diluted. I generally dilute them in a ratio of 1:4 (medicinal oil: carrier oil.) Planetary Herbals is the Oil of Oregano I prefer to use in a caplet that has the right percentage of the active ingredient carvacrol.
  • Do not use Oil of Oregano if you are pregnant simply because it has not been studied extensively with pregnancy. Oil of Oregano is used in hormonally unhealthy women to bring about a healthy period, so one concern is that it could cause bleeding. It’s not a big concern, but while they study it further, it would be best to use another natural remedy, perhaps a homeopathic one.
  • Do not use Oil of Oregano is you are on any medicinal blood thinners because it naturally thins your blood to a healthy level. It is not believed to be counter-indicated with blood thinners, but just in case, do me a favor and avoid it.
  • I’m not a doctor. No one at Everything Birth is a doctor. While I do guarantee that I have done extensive research in respectable medical journals (as opposed to hippie herbal medicine websites) and wholeheartedly believe everything I’ve written, it’s imperative for the purpose of legality that I mention that this should not be considered “professional” medical advice.

These are the only warnings you will need to be aware of. (Verses the pages and pages of warnings in almost every single bag you pick up from the pharmacy.) You can learn more on your own by using the term carvacrol (Oil of Oregano) in a search at http://www.pubmed.org.

Another powerful antibiotic to look into is colloidal silver because this can be harmlessly sprayed in even an infant’s nasal passage, mouth, ear canal, vaginal area or eyes.

For what it’s worth, each of these natural remedies also kills viruses and fungi… so it eliminates the need for “cultures” to find the right medicine. This really helps to take the guess work out of helping my family get healthy and avoids the wait time for culture tests which are absolutely crucial to responsible medicine when dealing with traditional methods of killing bacteria and viruses. It is highly irresponsible for a doctor to prescribe an antibiotic without a culture. I realize they do it all the time, so, don’t forget to thank them for the MRSA in our communities the next time you catch them doing this.

If you’re hesitant to take my word for it since I’m just a blogger, I don’t blame you. Do me a favor though, meet me half-way. Have a bottle of Oil of Oregano on hand at all times. The next time you’re sick, take one caplet of oil of oregano three times a day while you wait for the doctor to responsibly order a culture (about a day or so.) If you still don’t feel better by the time the doctor has your results, feel free to responsibly use your antibiotics (while they’re still effective that is.)

-Dawn Papple


A Natural Remedy for Migraines and Headaches?

A Natural Remedy for Migraines and Headaches

What do a teething baby and a parent with a migraine or headache have in common? A few things actually.

  • Both have intense pain
  • Both are stressed because of their pain
  • Both find achieving sleep difficult because of their pain
  • Both have additional pain caused by swelling

Oh and one more thing…

Both can find significant (if not total) relief by using homeopathic teething tablets

Certainly, you’re not going to cure migraines homeopathically with remedies that relieve symptoms; however, there are other remedies that can be used to actually cure migraines on a permanent or semi-permanent level.  Hyland’s makes a few other remedies that can do this depending on what the symptoms of the headaches are. For example, I personally, find a great deal of relief by using Hyland’s PMS, but my headaches are usually caused by hormonal distress. Even men have fluctuating hormones, and I’ve seen many successful examples of Hyland’s PMS relieving migraines in men.

Without a doubt though, homeopathic teething tablets like Hyland’s, Boiron and Humphrey’s are one of the first things I grab from my medical chest for a natural remedy for a number of ailments including headaches and migraines.

Dawn Papple

Why are homeopathic remedies safe for my children and still able to heal?

People always hear about how homeopathic remedies have no side effects, and they have a hard time believing it. How could something heal, but then at the same time, have no possibility of causing harm? Many people just don’t believe it, and bypass a safe remedy for a dangerous drug. Then, you have people who believe in homeopathy, and try to urge their friends to try homeopathic remedies, and when questioned, they can’t quite find the words to explain why homeopathic remedies like the teething tablets and Calms are safe for babies and have no side effects.

I explain very simply why homeopathic remedies are safe in a previous blog.  Now, I want to explain why they are able to heal.

You hear it all the time, from people of every walk of life: Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves. We believe it, for the most part, in theory.

It’s not some imaginary ideal though. That is homeopathy’s promise.

Ideally, as human beings, we would have natural water sources. Our water wouldn’t run through purification systems or city treatment plants; it would course through the veins of the earth. Just before drinking our water, it would run over river beds, rush up against beaches, trickle over every kind of plant. There would be no water treatment plant, if we were living as we were designed (or evolved) to. The water would be rich with trace minerals, pollens, proteins, and natural substances, and it would be directly ingested.

As our natural water supply was exposed to the elementals of our earth, the chemical compound of water would remain, but the crystalline structure and the energetic resonance of the water would be rich with all of the pieces of our earth that we could ever possibly be exposed to. Our water, would give our bodies a glimpse of all of the allergens, the toxins, and the chemicals that could cause harm. This barely noticeable exposure would act in a similar manner as how vaccines attempt to function.

But this is not where we meet our water supply.

Not only is our water supply altered by agents designed to keep it safe, such as chlorine, but it is also filtered or refined. We meet our water supply via a middle man: either a faucet or a bottle. The essences that would normally be there to induce our bodies into self healing are absent.

That’s where homeopathy comes in.

With a good homeopathic doctor, or a keen eye on our own symptoms, we can find a remedy that with stimulate our bodies own healing mechanism, without any chemical reaction. Our bodies merely recognize the essence of the ingredient suspended in the lactose and it induces their natural reaction to fight our symptoms.

Homeopathy doesn’t heal us. It tricks us into healing ourselves.

Dawn Papple

Homeopathy for Postpartum Depression


I had it.
It sucked.
I hated myself.
I had childish thoughts.
I wanted to disappear.
I thought I was ugly.
I believed I was worthless.
Things didn’t taste good.
I cried so much.
I doubted myself; I doubted everything.

Postpartum Depression is horrible. I had it for about two months and it started a couple of weeks after my pregnancy. Then, I turned to homeopathy, as I often do, by the request of my mother-in-law. I was too far in my depression and I was convinced it wouldn’t work. Logic told me it could have been PPD, but everything else told me I just sucked. As a new daughter-in-law often does, I acquiesced simply to appease my mother-in-law. I took a dose of Pulsatilla 30X that came in my Hyland’s Remedy Chest. I also took dose of Sepia 30X.

15 minutes later, my fog of self loathing lifted. Within an hour, my PPD was gone.

For a couple of weeks, I would start to feel a little down every few days, but I could catch myself and then I’d take another couple of doses right away and I stabilized again.

If you don’t have either of these remedies lying around, as I once discovered, there is Pulsatilla in the Hyland’s Calms Forte for Kids which most natural parenting moms have on hand ready to use at a moment’s notice. The Calms for Kids actually includes a few effective remedies for various symptoms of PPD. So, you could take a dose of that as well. Sepia just happened to match some of my symptoms and was an important remedy in my personal healing.

To find the perfect match for your symptoms, you can take a postpartum symptoms questionnaire on the ABC Homeopathy website that will match you with the most perfect remedy. Then, you can check the combination remedies, your Hyland’s Kid’s Kit or your Hyland’s Remedy Chest that you already have for your infant to see if they are in there before purchasing a brand new single remedy.

For soon to be mothers, I strongly recommend you have some of the common remedies available to you and that you bookmark this blog because of the links it includes. I also urge you to tell your spouse or partner to keep an eye out on your behavior and if it looks as though you are experiencing symptoms of PPD, that they assist you. I suggest prior to the birth of your child, that you show your partner where they can find this bookmarked page should they need it.  When you are in the thick of PPD, it is nearly impossible to make a decision on your own, let alone seek out healing. It can sometimes come down to your partner needing to evaluate your symptoms, purchase the remedy, and then actually hand you your first dose of Calms for Kids.

Dawn Papple

Basic Homeopathic Midwife Kit

This is just a must have for all midwives! Designed by a homeopath and midwife to ensure you have everything you need!

27 Remedies in 200C pellet form:

Aconite, Antimonium tart, Arnica, Arsenicum alb, Belladonna
Bellis per, Carbo veg, Caulophyllum, Chamomilla, China, Cimicifuga, Coffea cruda, Crotalus hor, Gelsemium, Hamamelis, Hypericum, Kali carb, Kali phos, Lachesis, Laurocerasus, Millefolium, Nux vom, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla
Secale, Sepia, Staphysagria