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Daycare and Cloth Diapering… (with a new twist.)

You hear all the time about the struggles parents face with getting their daycare to allow cloth diapers in their facilities. Here’s a new twist.  Jen Dunkle, owner of “What Do You See Childcare” in Fowlerville, Michigan is considering not allowing disposable diapers in her daycare.

Having always been the “go to person” to watch friends’ and co-workers’ children, a day care was a very logical business for her to open. Cloth was introduced into her daycare shortly after.  “My first interest with cloth diapers was when I was pregnant, I worked 50-60 hours a week, was a single mom and wanted something cost effective.” Jen Dunkle explains, “April of 2008 I went into a store that had a sign outside that mentioned natural fertility help.” She explained that while waiting to speak with someone, she overheard a discussion about Fuzzi Bunz. Within a month she had bought her first set. She fell in love!  “I took my money and went back to that store and eventually ended up with cloth diapers and cloth trainers and have never looked back.”  Dunkle now owns more than 200 cloth diapers.

Dunkle is not just obsessed with fluff though. She uses them in her daycare. The children she watches almost all wear them. Some of them even rent her diapers to use at home. She watches eight children on a regular basis. Jen explains, “Five of the kids are in cloth diapers or trainers when they are here and two of them use my cloth diapers at home also.”

Her diaper service is $20 a week. She explains to the parents that it will still be cheaper for them than disposables. “I’m all about doing whatever I can to get people in cloth. I mean a brightly colored fluffy butt is so much better than a chemical covered perfumed butt, so for me it’s always been to help the kids.” Jen washes all of the diapers herself. She has them separated into colors so she knows which child wears which diaper. That makes the parents feel really comfortable.  If a parent chooses to use disposables though… this is my favorite part…. She sends the used disposable diapers home in a bag for the parents to dispose of, because she wants no part of it!

Jen is a regular participant on Everything Birth’s free online forum. Go visit her there. She loves to chat and is a wealth of information!

-Dawn Papple

New Classifieds Listings Arena Made Specifically For Us!

New Classifieds Listings Arena Made Specifically For Us!

Everything Birth thinks of, well… everything. Not only have they brought us a free community forum (where we can swap stories and information,) a fabulous consulting program where we can earn money by doing what we already do (spread the word about the benefits of cloth diapering,) an Amazon links page (so we can easily find the best prices on items they don’t carry, but we love,) a medical supply store specializing in midwife and birth supplies, and this regularly updated blog, but now… now they have created:

Birth Depot is a free classifieds listings arena made just for us by the people at Everything Birth. On it, we can easily:

  • Register as a member very simply!
  • Start listing our items within minutes of registration.
  • Manage our ads from a personal “dashboard.”
  • Easily upload photos of our items.

We get to do all of this… FOR FREE.

The pregnancy, birth and early motherhood market is a very specialized market. Birth Depot is a safe, comfortable, easy to maneuver place for us to buy and sell products of interest without having to sift through ads of less consequence to us. We can:

  • Buy or sell midwifery and birthing supplies
  • Buy or sell used cloth diapers
  • Buy or sell baby gear
  • Buy or sell birth, pregnancy or infant related books and DVDs
  • Buy or sell maternity and baby clothes

Sure there’re other places online where you can place classified ads.

On the largest classifieds site, I have been highly disappointed while searching for baby gear, when I stumble across an ad promoting “adult services.”  Ever since they eliminated that category, the ads haven’t gone away; they just show up in other places.  Depending on where I’m at in my monthly cycle, I either get mildly annoyed or I become highly enraged at the infidelity that is clearly attempting to happen while I try to buy a few gently used cloth diapers.

On another classifieds site, you don’t have to worry about this, but you do have to invest a bunch of time building up relationships within the forum before you are even allowed to sell or trade an item. While we understand the reasons behind this, we also know that some of us don’t make a habit out of buying and selling items, so a complicated registration and “getting to know you” period just isn’t convenient.  So we end up just not doing it. Those of us that don’t have this kind of time or interest used to sell our cloth diapers on eBay, but then eBay decided cloth diapers are unpleasant, so we were left with very little options.

Now, thanks to the rad people at Everything Birth, we have the perfect solution.  I’ve also got to add, it feels comforting to me knowing that this new classifieds listing forum is was created by a company that has continually and pleasantly  shocked me with their high standard of business ethics, non-judgmental outlook on parenting, dedication to children and midwifery, and responsible lifestyles.

-Dawn Papple

While We Wait For Hyland’s Teething Tablets To Come Back…

We all love Hyland’s Teething Tablets. We are all bummed about the dumb recall on Hyland’s Teething Tablets. While we wait for them to come back, we do have more options though besides just soothing our kids with organic teething toys. Let’s face it, most of us that frequent Everything Birth’s blog aren’t about to use something like Baby Orajel.

Hyland’s isn’t the only kind of homeopathic teething remedy. There are a few others on the market. They work the same way that Hyland’s Teething Tablets do. They are all 100% safe. They all have basically the same ingredients. They all work on the same basic homeopathic principals as Hyland’s Teething Tablets did, they are just less marketed, and so the FDA didn’t feel like bullying their manufacturers around.

If you are interested in a substitute for Hyland’s Teething Tablets during this recall, we have compiled the other brands into our Homeopathic Combination Remedies page of our Amazon store for your convenience. We don’t offer them on our actual web store, because we are patiently awaiting the return of Hyland’s Teething Tablets. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to bring on a new product for the short interim while we wait. Here’s what homeopathic teething remedies we offer in association with Amazon:


So, you don’t have to give up on homeopathy for teething while we wait for Hyland’s Teething Tablets to get back on the market from the dumb recall. These products will work just as well as Hyland’s Teething Tablets did for your babies.

Dawn Papple

Everything Birth on Facebook

Everything Birth on Facebook

You’ve seen the little Facebook icon on the Everything Birth website, but it’s more than just a fancy way for us to keep in touch. Perhaps, you simply use FaceBook for keeping in touch with your old high school friends and your family members that live far away.

Well, while you’re logged on looking at beautiful pictures of your new niece or planning a play date to meet your old best friend’s new baby, take just a minute to “like” our Facebook Page.  That’s really all you have to do, then watch as your newsfeed informs you of our latest contests, where we have a blast giving away free stuff and spreading the word about cloth diapers.

You will also quickly and easily learn about what our weekly specials are. We’re almost always running some kind of great deal. We do two regular sales:

  • Monday Morning Coupon- Valid through midnight on Tuesdays!
  • Wednesday Wash- An amazing sale that lasts until Friday or until we sell out of the item!

There are lots of fun discussions that also go on our Facebook page, and we’d love for you to join us. Everyone interested in cloth diapering is welcome to join us. Don’t feel like you have to be a loyal customer to join in on our fun. 

The more the merrier. See you on Facebook!

-Dawn Papple

Fuzzi Bunz donates diapers to Eagle Scout Project

The maker of Fuzzi Bunz, recently donated 500 Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers to help out a young man who had traveled to Uganda while working on his Eagle Scout Project.

Boy Scouts generally pick one very large community service project that is a part of earning the very dignified status of Eagle Scout. Achieving the ranking of an Eagle Scout is the most prestigious recognition available to a Boy Scout. It signifies the pinnacle of their scouting career. Generally scouts choose a project closer to home, but this scout chose to travel to Uganda, where apparently, since this trip, his heart still remains. He vowed to go back to help these people again one day.

This certainly isn’t the first time the maker of Fuzzi Bunz has donated diapers to impoverished communities, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Mother of Eden’s owner Tereson Dupuy is intensely into philanthropy and is regularly found giving to those in need of her help. This young scout apparently was able to appeal to the open hearts of those at Fuzzi Bunz. His story is amazing and deserves recognition. Check out this young man:

In other exciting diapering news, Fuzzi Bunz was just honored with two Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

  • The FuzziBunz One-Size Cloth Diaper, the most adjustable one-size cloth diaper, was named “Best New Product of the Year”
  • FuzziBunz was named “Most Innovative Company of the Year” for its efforts to bring quality eco-friendly diapering products to moms around the world.

While Everything Birth was already very proud to carry Fuzzi Bunz in their product line, these two stories, make them even more proud to support this wonderful company.

Last Month’s Fuzzi Bunz Sale

Hopefully, you got a chance to take advantage of the huge sale on Fuzzi Bunz last month. They were priced at only $10.99 for the Perfect Sized Fuzzi Bunz.  A Fuzzi Bunz sale price like that is almost unheard of. Many people were surely grabbing some of them up just to resell them on eBay at a later date and turn a six-seven dollar profit for each diaper. With that sale price on Fuzzi Bunz though, they flew off the shelves. It was a crazy sale!

I have often heard people talk about sales prices as indicative of just how huge of a mark-up the end seller actually makes when the products are not on sale. I have been a vendor for Fuzzi Bunz before. Fuzzi Bunz sales are exciting when they happen. They bring a huge buzz to your business and offer a great opportunity for marketing, but the sale price is not by any means indicative that the vendor is ripping you off the whole rest of the year. When Fuzzi Bunz would go on sale, when I was a vendor, I did not translate that to dollar signs right away though.  When a huge Fuzzi Bunz sale was going on, I did not “bank” by any means. However, it was still worth it, and I gladly participated. The Fuzzi Bunz manufacturer Mother of Eden tries to be very fair with their vendors during their blow-out sales. The real incentive though is that Fuzzi Bunz sales get people talking (talking like crazy) about these adorably sturdy cloth diapers.

A Fuzzi Bunz sale rapidly turns product, TRUE. 

More importantly to the world of cloth diapering though:  A Fuzzi Bunz sale throws us all in a whirlwind Fuzzi Bunz frenzy… and as a die-hard Fuzzi Bunz fan, there’s really no where in the diapering world I’d rather be.

-Dawn Papple