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Pregnancy Boundaries

I think having clearly defined pregnancy boundaries is important.

Pregnancy can be such an emotional time. We need to do whatever we can to keep ourselves calm for our children. I wrote mine out when I was pregnant with my daughter. Here’s what I said:

At 28 weeks, I started my pre-term labor adventure with my last pregnancy. I don’t know what caused it. Maybe it was the bladder infection, maybe it was the subsequent yeast infection after the antibiotics which I’m sure was only increased by the millions of gallons of glucose I had for my 1 hour and three hour glucose tests. Maybe I didn’t have enough water. 

Then again, maybe, as my doctor suggested to me yesterday, pre-term labor and early contractions are just how my body deals with stress.

You see, I’ve been getting contractions and he says there’s no way for me to know if they are just normal contractions or if they are setting up to repeat history. I can feel them in my cervix now.  A few weeks ago, I couldn’t.

So here’s the deal: this pregnancy will be easy for me from here on out. I have paid my pregnancy dues and I deserve for this pregnancy to go smoothly.


Here are my boundaries which I will need everyone to be respectful of:

*Unless I offer, I am not your therapist.

*I don’t want to chat with you about my OB.

*I don’t want to be shamed for how I drink coke to settle my stomach.

*I don’t want to be told to take my prenatal vitamin. I took it for ten years religiously to build up my vitamin stores in the event that I may get pregnant. Let’s face it, the most crucial time we need that folic acid is before we even know we’re pregnant. If I felt for one moment that I could take them AND keep down any food, I would.  

*Don’t pressure me to be social, chances are I’m tired. If I don’t want to go, I won’t go.

*Don’t tell me how to parent my children.

*Don’t try to flirt with my husband.

*Don’t talk to me about vaccinating or not vaccinating children, I’m not in the mood to discuss it anymore.

*Don’t ask me to join a club or start taking an activity with you.

*Don’t ask me about my step-son’s mother, as far as I am concerned, that is me.

And above all….

*Do not ask me if this pertains to you.  I clearly defined the parameters. You will be safest just assuming that this does, in fact, pertain to you.


Pretty gutsy huh? 😉

If you made a list of your pregnancy boundaries what would be on it?


What Does A Home Birth Look Like?

Most of us know what a hospital birth looks like. There is medical equipment strapped everywhere. Women generally keep the lights dim, except for the bright spotlight shining at the birth canal welcoming her baby ever so boldly from her warm dark sanctuary. There’s bleached white sheets, that don’t fool anyone for a second into thinking that hospital room is anywhere near safe from germs. There’s machines with beeps and lights and wires.

My cousins, Chris and Krystal Hohn, have been an amazing team since they first fell in love. They are both chiropractors in Goleta, CA. They supported each other through chiropractic school and now own and operate their own chiropractic office in Goleta, CA.  Most recently though, was their greatest team effort and payoff  as Krystal gave birth to Chris’ daughter in the home that they made with the help of a midwife.

Chris and Krystal Hohn have graciously offered their photos to Everything Birth’s Blog so that more families will be able to witness the loving and safe environment that a midwife assisted home birth can provide.

In early labor, Kristal Hohn decides to make a birthday cake to celebrate the birth of her daughter.

Since Krystal didn't have to spend her early labor getting situated in a hospital L&D room, she had time to decorate her cake.

Instead of walking the germy halls of the labor and delivery floor at the hospital, she eased into contractions in the comfort of her home.

Krystal can feel confident knowing that wall she is leaning on hasn't been thrown up on. Chris, her husband, finds it easy to make himself at home... since he is.

As labor gets more intense, Krystal was able to relax in a birth tub right in her own house.

I've tried being comfortable with my husband in a hospital bed and it just doesn't work. Being comfortable makes labor go much more smoothly.

A midwife assisted birth means that the initial exam is less disruptive for the child. Instead of the baby going to meet the doctor, the midwife, comes down to the baby. None of the most crucial and precious first few moments are lost. Bonding can begin right away.

After proper bonding time has happened, the baby is weighed in total comfort, not on a metal scale.

Krystal kisses her new baby girl. My cousin (once removed) was born in peace and will no nothing of the birth trauma that my children went through in the hospital. That is one lucky little girl.

My children were born in a hospital. So, I’m not about to challenge a woman who delivers in a hospital. I delivered there out of fear. My first daughter was stillborn because of a fluke chromosomal anomaly and for years, I lived in fear. I feel that my own hospital birthing puts me in a unique position to allow the Everything Birth Community to witness the gentleness of a home birth.

I’m not forcing anyone’s opinion. I’m not judging anyone’s choices. I just wanted you to see… because when I saw, tears of happiness flowed down my cheeks. Not because my cousin’s daughter was born, but because a little baby was born… gently.

-Dawn Papple

If you have your own birth photos, we’d love to see them. You can post them in our community forum, The Village. We’re not judgmental, we want to see your hospital birth pictures too!

Pregnant with Herpes?


We don’t talk about this stuff do we?

The thing is though, 1 in 3 of you have herpes, and 1 in 4 of you know it. It’s not like you’re some freak if you’ve found yourself pregnant with herpes. I guess this blog is aimed at a quarter of you pregnant moms out there who happen to know that you’ve got herpes.  

If you’ve found yourself pregnant with herpes, the doctor’s solution is to give you an anti-viral medication that is labeled as “probably safe while pregnant.”

Hmmmmm…. How do you feel about taking a medicine that is “probably safe” while pregnant in order to avoid the very slim chance that something will happen to your baby during labor?

I know that moms worry though. You can’t just do NOTHING if you’ve found yourself pregnant with herpes.

So here’s what you CAN do if you are pregnant with herpes.

  • You can take the supplement Lysine everyday during the last trimester of your pregnancy. You can get it from Everything Birth’s Amazon Store. It makes it almost impossible for an outbreak to occur. Our bodies need lysine, and when we don’t have as much as we need because we aren’t eating right, we can take it in a supplement. By the way, it is completely safe to take while pregnant.
  • You can ingest a spoonful of Virgin Coconut Oil every day which you can also conveniently purchase from Everything Birth’s Amazon Store. You can put it on popcorn, sautee vegetables in it, toss noodles with it, or cook your eggs in it instead of butter or oil. VCO contains caprylic acid and lauric acid, both of which are just about the most powerful anti-virals you can get your hand on, and they are natural and completely safe to ingest while pregnant.

While, I am not a doctor (Though I do make it a point to thoroughly do my research before I blog about anything) and this is not meant to replace medical advisement (though in my opinion it offers you viable solutions to your problem) and you should discuss your options with your doctor (and yada, yada,) and these opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Everything Birth, (though they also might, it’s a mystery)  I encourage you to explore your options and make a safe decision if you’ve found yourself pregnant with herpes.

-Dawn Papple

Host a “Baby Shower” with Diaper Parties by Everything Birth

One of Diaper Parties’ senior representatives, Andrea, recently held a “Baby Shower” Diaper Party. This is a unique type of diaper party where guests are invited to a baby shower and instead of registering for this particular baby shower, guest attend a diaper party. Here, they learn all about the new products that the mom-in-waiting wants that are offered by Diaper Parties by Everything Birth.  It works great because often women are unfamiliar with the benefits of the products offered by Diaper Parties by Everything Birth. Because of this unfamiliarity, they don’t get as excited about giving these products as gifts.

A “Baby Shower” Diaper Parties party allows these women to feel the softness with their own hands.  I remember when I used to own a brick and mortar store and women were registered there, relatives would feel bad purchasing “one diaper” as a gift for a baby shower. Once they understood that that one diaper was equivalent to the mom-in-waiting to several PACKS of disposables, they felt a lot more comfortable with it. Once they felt the softness and learn of the functionality of the diaper(s) they were purchasing, they got excited. A “Baby Shower” style diaper party is the perfect way to do this!

Andrea said:

Mom and grandma were the ones who asked the most questions.

  • “Why would you use a diaper and cover instead of a pocket diaper?”
  • “How does this cover not get dirty?”
  • “How many prefolds is Patty going to need to start out with?”
  • “How do you use a Snappi and what is it used for?”

They were full of questions, but it was a great thing because they more than likely were asking the same questions the mutual friend had too. There were good conversations about the “proper” way to wash the diapers, the difference between the diapers now and what they were like when grandma diapered her kids, and about the products on the registry.

To hold a “Baby Shower” diaper party contact a representative of Diaper Parties by Everything Birth for your region.

-Dawn Papple

Homeopathy and Dosage

Homeopathic Doses are often so vague. Sometimes, they will post a dosage schedule on the bottle, and it follows normal “medical style” dosing. The bottles will have a dose that says usually something like, “Take 3-5 pellets under the tongue four times a day.”  This is Americans trying to shove homeopathy into modern medicine’s mold. This is actually less effective than how those of us that live by homeopathy dose.

Let me explain.

The more FREQUENTLY you can expose your body to the remedy the faster it will work. So, taking 5 pellets four times a day does not work better than taking one pellet (or one wet dose even) 20 times a day.

Here’s why.

Chemically, you’re looking at a sugar pill.

So, by trying to dose chemically, five times zero is still zero.  Chemically, you can take a whole bottle and your body just sees a sugar pill. Remember though, homeopathy doesn’t function at a chemical level. It functions at and energetic level, recognizing the crystalline structure of the water that has been suspended in the lactose or alcohol.

Let’s take a runny nose and eyes from pollen allergies.  Modern medicine works chemically.  You take an antihistamine like Benadryl that blocks the allergic reaction from taking place. In homeopathy, you would take, for example, the chemical in an onion that makes your eyes water and nose run when you’re cutting them, and expose water to that chemical. The water takes on a different crystalline form with the “energetic  fingerprint” of an onion, but chemically, remains water. Your body then tries to fight off the runny nose and eyes from the onion (and does so quite successfully, since no actual onion is there to fight) and inadvertently also fights off your allergies.

Make sense?

So…. You put a homeopathic pellet into your mouth, (or five pellets or five hundred pellets into your mouth) your body ONLY sees the introduction of that remedy into its system and it tries to fight it. There is no “quantity” of that chemical, so it really makes no difference if it’s 1 pellet, five pellets, or 500 pellets at one time.

It is better to expose your body to the remedy repeatedly until healing is observed. That way, your body repeatedly tries to fight off the imaginary onion and can successfully fight off the allergic response to pollen.

On the new forum for Everything Birth and Diaper Parties I explained it to the members like this:

It’s not like our medicine of today. If you are going to understand homeopathy, you have to really just disregard everything you have been taught about medicine and realize homeopathy is absolutely foreign.

If modern medicine was the English written word, herbal remedies would be the French written word, but homeopathy would be Japanese Kanji.  Does that make sense… it’s TOTALLY different. It functions on a different level, in a different way and has different principle entirely.”

-Dawn Papple

My Husband Caught my Baby.

I loved my home birth.  One of the best moments was when I was lifted out of the birthtub with my baby coming out.  Once I was repositioned on the futon my son slipped out right into my husbands loving hands.  There was something so natural and easy about this moment.   I really do not think I was truely aware that he would be the one to be on the recieving end, and we did not plan on him being the “catcher”.  It just happened.

I know that all men do not want to be in the roll of catcher, and not all women want to birth at home.  I feel lucky to have been able to experience my husband being truely involved in this life changing process.  It brought us closer together. After the birth of our son we had reached a new level of  intamacy I never could have imagined.

My husband is a man of few words, but here is what he has to say about the experience.

What was the most difficult part of the homebirth for you?

DH: Waiting.  Probably the most difficult part of any birth.

What was your most memorable moment from the homebirth?

DH: Catching him.

How did that feel for you?

DH: Organic.  Natural.

I love this man.

Jessica Teesdale

Natural Remedy for Stretch Marks and Scars

Anytime my husband gets a flesh wound of any kind, it creates a scar. Not just a normal scar though, one of those deep purple scars and it stays there for years. Sometimes, they’re so deep purple, they look almost black. He’s just dealt with it up until this weekend when we found out about a natural remedy for stretch marks and scars.

Graphites 30C: A Natural Remedy for Stretch Marks and Scars

I just happened upon this natural remedy for stretch marks and scars by chance.  Made by Boiron, Graphites 30C is a safe, natural, and homeopathic remedy for stretch marks and scars.

I had just learned of a way to make a “wet dose” solution from homeopathic pellets which is by adding three pellets to a 16 ounce bottle of spring water and then shaking it vigorously. You then take a tablespoon of this solution and swish it under your tongue before swallowing it.  Then, a couple hours later, you shake the same bottle up 50 times again and repeat the process. You continue to repeat this process every couple of hours until marked healing is observed. This method not only makes all your remedies last longer, it also makes it easier for your body to recognize the remedies and causes faster healing.

Wishing I Had Better Evidence

I have never seen such dramatic healing from a remedy in such a short amount of time. I didn’t expect such quick healing from a natural remedy forstretch marks and scars, or I would have photographed it. Within four hours (yes, I did mean to type hours, not days or weeks)of taking the first dose, the purple scars that had been there for months and years all over his body were a light shade of pink all thanks to this natural remedy for stretch marks and scars. Four days later, they are barely visible.

I like evidence. I am lacking the evidence to demonstrate to the world about this natural remedy for stretch marks and scars because I didn’t photograph it. So, I’m asking you, the readers of Everything Birth’s blog to help me. I want proof that this natural remedy for stretch marks and scars is insanely effective.  I am looking for women who have severe, dark stretch marks and scars to try this natural remedy and to take before and after photos in the same lighting and with date and time stamps included on the camera options. Then, I’d like you to e-mail me the results. Please remember, it’s homeopathic and completely safe. Today, it’s also, completely free. If you are interested in trying this natural remedy for stretch marks and scars, just e-mail me your address and I will send you the three tablets to make your solution, but you have to promise to help me document your healing.

Why This Matters to Me

I think that for women, this is an important topic, not because of vanity indulgence, but because if there is a way to help with a woman’s self image, I want to. I feel that this natural remedy for stretch marks and scars could make many of us mothers feel beautiful again. I don’t personally believe there is anything wrong with stretch marks. I am pleased when women feel they are like a badge of honor. Most women I meet; however, explain that their stretch marks inhibit them with their spouses, alter their clothing choices and make them feel lousy about their bodies. If there is a natural remedy for stretch marks and scars, why not take it?

The Words “Natural Remedy for Stretch Marks and Scars”

I realize I am typing the words “natural remedy for stretch marks and scars” a lot. I know it doesn’t read as well as most of my blogs. “Natural remedy for stretch marks and scars” are difficult key words to get to flow right. This blog is important to me, because it has to do with women’s self image. I want the words “natural remedy for stretch marks and scars” to be SEO (so that this blog will be easily Google searched) because I want to help. This natural remedy for stretch marks and scars worked so well, it was almost miraculous. If someone takes the time to Google, “Natural Remedy for stretch marks and scars” it’s because they obviously feel insecure about this issue and so, I want to help.

If you would like to participate in my timed experiment on this natural remedy for stretch marks and scars, please e-mail me and I will send you out three tablets of Graphites 30C right away!

Dawn Papple