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Daycare and Cloth Diapering… (with a new twist.)

You hear all the time about the struggles parents face with getting their daycare to allow cloth diapers in their facilities. Here’s a new twist.  Jen Dunkle, owner of “What Do You See Childcare” in Fowlerville, Michigan is considering not allowing disposable diapers in her daycare.

Having always been the “go to person” to watch friends’ and co-workers’ children, a day care was a very logical business for her to open. Cloth was introduced into her daycare shortly after.  “My first interest with cloth diapers was when I was pregnant, I worked 50-60 hours a week, was a single mom and wanted something cost effective.” Jen Dunkle explains, “April of 2008 I went into a store that had a sign outside that mentioned natural fertility help.” She explained that while waiting to speak with someone, she overheard a discussion about Fuzzi Bunz. Within a month she had bought her first set. She fell in love!  “I took my money and went back to that store and eventually ended up with cloth diapers and cloth trainers and have never looked back.”  Dunkle now owns more than 200 cloth diapers.

Dunkle is not just obsessed with fluff though. She uses them in her daycare. The children she watches almost all wear them. Some of them even rent her diapers to use at home. She watches eight children on a regular basis. Jen explains, “Five of the kids are in cloth diapers or trainers when they are here and two of them use my cloth diapers at home also.”

Her diaper service is $20 a week. She explains to the parents that it will still be cheaper for them than disposables. “I’m all about doing whatever I can to get people in cloth. I mean a brightly colored fluffy butt is so much better than a chemical covered perfumed butt, so for me it’s always been to help the kids.” Jen washes all of the diapers herself. She has them separated into colors so she knows which child wears which diaper. That makes the parents feel really comfortable.  If a parent chooses to use disposables though… this is my favorite part…. She sends the used disposable diapers home in a bag for the parents to dispose of, because she wants no part of it!

Jen is a regular participant on Everything Birth’s free online forum. Go visit her there. She loves to chat and is a wealth of information!

-Dawn Papple


Diapers Leaking Along the Stitching?

Diapers Leaking Along the Stitching?

Pocket diapers leaking along the stitching is a fairly common problem. I get asked about this all the time. I am happy to be able to inform you that this is a very easy fix.

When cloth diapers leak, there are a few causes.

  • You’ve dried the cloth diaper covers one too many times on heat and the PUL is now bad. This just sucks for you, because that means you’ve ruined your diapers. So, buy some more and follow the instructions this time. It will still be cheaper to buy a whole new set of diapers than to switch to disposables. If this were the case though, they’d leak everywhere, not just along the stitching.
  • Your cloth diapers are repelling because you use too much detergent, fabric softener or butt cream. This really isn’t a big deal you can find a million posts online about how to strip your diapers. Again though, this will not cause them to leak at the stitching.
  • You bought cheap cloth diapers. Yup, not all brands are created equal. Next time buy some diapers from Everything Birth, because they only sell diapers that they themselves would use. Again, it will still be cheaper to invest in some good cloth diapers than buy disposables.
  • Your baby holds in urine and then pees all at one time. There it is! The answer to why your diapers are leaking at the stitching! This is the easiest fix of them all!  All you have to do is double or triple stuff them! That’s why pocket diapers are so fabulous. You can add as many inserts as you want. Now, often, pocket diapers come with pre-fold diapers. So you may be asking yourself how in the world you would double or triple stuff them.  All you need to do is switch from pre-folds to micro cloth inserts. These hold way more wetness than they would appear to, so they work great and keep things trim.

If you have a diapering problem that I wasn’t able to solve, come join me at The Village, our free community forum for all of our blog readers and Everything Birth customers!

-Dawn Papple

Bed Wetter Pants

Bed Wetter Pants

I just stumbled upon this product: Mother Ease Bedwetter Pants. These cloth pull-ups are definitely going in my shopping cart. I’ve mentioned it before, but my (full-time) step-son struggles with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. One of the big challenges with FASD is nighttime wetting. I know that it’s a common enough problem for even healthy brained children, but in our case, his bedwetting problem is caused by his disability.

I spent a short time putting him in disposable pull-ups, unsure of how to handle the bedwetting.  At four, he couldn’t snap his Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers, so that meant if he did actually remember to go to the bathroom, he’d be frustrated and dependent on us to help him. He would have zero independence if we had gone that route. We tried him in cloth trainers, but they were never absorbent enough. Besides, he wasn’t training. He has a disability. If he was going to have an accident at night, he was going to completely empty his bladder, and he wasn’t going to notice (because his brain doesn’t talk to his body like it normally would.) That’s why we had him in disposables for a short time. Not long ago, he learned how to snap his Fuzzi Bunz. Given that, we stopped with the disposable pull-ups and switched him back to the Fuzzi Bunz.

In the back of my mind though, I’ve wondered what we would do in a year or so when he would be unable to fit in the Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers any longer. I was shocked that at five, he still could. Mother Ease is a wonderful manufacturer, so I know that I can order these cloth incontinence pants with confidence. They absorb twenty one ounces of fluid!

These will make my step-son feel so good about himself that I might even use a couple of these as Christmas presents. Plus, he’ll like that they’re called “pants” and not “diapers.”

-Dawn Papple

Make Your Own Diapers?!

Make Your Own Diapers

I’m really proud of Everything Birth. Not only do they offer only the best products by the most supportive manufacturers, but now, they’re embracing what is a very popular hobby for many cloth diapering moms: Make your own diapers.

For real!

Everything Birth will be featuring new products that will make sewing your own cloth diapers from patterns easy. I’ve known many women who like to make their own diapers. Though, often the fabrics they choose just don’t quite cut it for the kind of abuse that cloth diapers inherently take.  Often the patterns that we end up paying for online don’t work well either.

Now, moms who choose to make their own diapers can do so with the knowledge and experience that comes with the Everything Birth foundation.

People who are interested in making their own diapers will find suitable cloth diaper patterns right there on Everything Birth’s web store. They will also be able to get their hands on precut cloth diaper fabric samples. In addition, they will be able to purchase suitable fabric to make diapers that will make their home-made cloth diapers actually function well for years!

Everything Birth, I think, has now officially thought of everything.

Tell everyone you know that Everything Birth supports moms making their own cloth diapers if that’s their choice, because this is a really cool addition to an already awesome web store. Share it on face book and twitter. I want this new venture to be a huge success, because I really want this cloth diapering resource to be here to stay.

-Dawn Papple

Natali Morris and Her Decision to Use Cloth! Special Guest: Tereson Dupuy.

Did you see it? Did you see it?

Today, the cloth diapering world is throwing a celebration! Victory is ours!

This morning on CBS’ “Eye on Parenting” Segment, Natali Morris presents the results of her cloth diapering challenge.  After an earlier segment raised quite a ruckus among cloth diapering parents (because it did not adequately portray today’s modern cloth diapers,) Morris decided to give it another go with the products that today’s cloth diapering parents actually use.

The results:  Morris found that she actually prefers cloth diapers to disposables.

OK, so now that we’re all having a virtual party, I want to pull you over into the corner for a minute for some gossiping. That woman that was helping Morris out, Tereson Dupuy, it was mentioned very quickly that she is the CEO of Fuzzi Bunz.  Was anyone else really impressed how willingly she talked about the hybrids, the pre-folds and all-in-ones?  Did you notice that when Morris was talking about pocket diapers, she didn’t even throw down her own product name?  She mentioned the brand name of the hybrid she was using (gDiapers) but she didn’t mention the name of the pocket diaper. Since she didn’t, I’m going to.

I appreciate her modesty and professionalism, but I appreciate her diapers even more.

That pocket diaper that actually made Natali Morris a cloth convert was a Fuzzi Bunz.  Did you notice how Morris said very quickly that she preferred pocket diapers and Dupuy quickly followed up with a comment of delightful appreciation?  I loved that part!

This is just another testament to Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers. These diapers have such a pioneering force and I’m so excited about it.

We can’t even fathom the minds that Natali Morris changed this morning. I am so delighted with her ability to give cloth another try. I think it says a lot about a person when they’re willing to have an open mind.

I felt compelled to blog about these two women and how pleased I am with how they presented themselves in this CBS “Eye on Parenting” segment and with the impact that they have had and will continue to have on our world.

-Dawn Papple

Buy 5 Get 1 Free: bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Pockets & Sized All-In-Ones

So, here’s another amazing sale going on right now at Everything Birth.

Right now, the bumGenius 4.0 one size pocket diapers and the sized all-in-one diapers are on sale. Buy five of these diapers, and Everything Birth will give you one free.

Remember, we’re not talking about disposable diapers here.  I hope everyone realizes what an amazing sale this is. Just in case you don’t though, let me break it down for you. 

In general, if you wash your cloth diapers once a day, you will want to have 12 diapers on hand. Most of us consider 12 diapers “a set.”  This allows you to have enough diapers for one entire day and a few more in case you forget to toss them in the wash before bed.

So, let’s say you decide to get 10 one size bumGenius 4.0s during this sale. You will get 2 diapers for free.  You may think, that’s great, that’s almost a forty dollar value. I want to take this moment though to remind you just how remarkable this saving is over the general population of diaperers. Let’s face it, for now, most people use disposable diapers. Presuming the average child is in diapers for about two and a half years minimally, we’re looking at about 900 days that a baby is in diapers.   So, then, with this bumGenius 4.0 sale, you’re getting the equivalent of 1800 disposable diapers for free!

I know, I know… you were going to use cloth diapers anyway. I just like to show people the real value of things like this amazing sale on bumGenius 4.0s.

Though I will admit, I also break things down like this so that you have some interesting trivia to show your husband. Most men like trivia. Most men like facts and figures. If your husband is like most of our husbands, if you explain how soft the bumGenius 4.0s are or how much “nicer this will be for Mother Earth,” he’s not going to be that moved. Now, if you explain to him that you just stumbled on a sale where you’d be getting the equivalent of 1800 disposable diapers for free, he may actually stop and listen to you.

-Dawn Papple

So you want SIMPLE cloth diapering, and you want it at a BARGAIN?

We’ve heard your requests.

RIGHT NOW, Everything Birth is offering $30 off of the purchase of 12 Marvels All-In-One Diapers.

These may be the most amazing diapers that exist today.  They are All-In-One Diapers (AIO) which automatically simplifies things for you. What’s even more amazing is that these are specially designed to “agitate out” the insert in the washing machine all on its own. This means you don’t even have to touch a dirty insert with the tip-tops of your fingers. Your hands stay out of the wetness completely!  It does it all on its own! I’m not even kidding.

Also, please remember that many people consider 12 diapers a complete set. Provided you wash each day, 12 Marvels will leave you with four diapers to overlap with while washing. With just this special, your diapering needs could be DONE for this child completely.

These diapers are the answers to your cloth diapering prayers.

These diapers are manufactured by the very well known Kissaluvs brand. So they are backed up by a company with superior customer service. Better yet, they’re made in the USA, plus, these diapers will fit your baby from birth through potty training. (7-35 pounds.)

So, just to make sure, I’m making myself clear, Everything Birth is offering you:

  • A $30 discount.
  • Self “un-stuffing” diapers
  • A product made right here in the USA
  • Gorgeous colors
  • A simple to use design
  • A diaper that will last from birth to potty training.

And if you’re one of the first 50 customers on Black Friday, you will also be entered to win the Black Friday Giveaway! Happy shopping!

-Dawn Papple