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What Does A Home Birth Look Like?

Most of us know what a hospital birth looks like. There is medical equipment strapped everywhere. Women generally keep the lights dim, except for the bright spotlight shining at the birth canal welcoming her baby ever so boldly from her warm dark sanctuary. There’s bleached white sheets, that don’t fool anyone for a second into thinking that hospital room is anywhere near safe from germs. There’s machines with beeps and lights and wires.

My cousins, Chris and Krystal Hohn, have been an amazing team since they first fell in love. They are both chiropractors in Goleta, CA. They supported each other through chiropractic school and now own and operate their own chiropractic office in Goleta, CA.  Most recently though, was their greatest team effort and payoff  as Krystal gave birth to Chris’ daughter in the home that they made with the help of a midwife.

Chris and Krystal Hohn have graciously offered their photos to Everything Birth’s Blog so that more families will be able to witness the loving and safe environment that a midwife assisted home birth can provide.

In early labor, Kristal Hohn decides to make a birthday cake to celebrate the birth of her daughter.

Since Krystal didn't have to spend her early labor getting situated in a hospital L&D room, she had time to decorate her cake.

Instead of walking the germy halls of the labor and delivery floor at the hospital, she eased into contractions in the comfort of her home.

Krystal can feel confident knowing that wall she is leaning on hasn't been thrown up on. Chris, her husband, finds it easy to make himself at home... since he is.

As labor gets more intense, Krystal was able to relax in a birth tub right in her own house.

I've tried being comfortable with my husband in a hospital bed and it just doesn't work. Being comfortable makes labor go much more smoothly.

A midwife assisted birth means that the initial exam is less disruptive for the child. Instead of the baby going to meet the doctor, the midwife, comes down to the baby. None of the most crucial and precious first few moments are lost. Bonding can begin right away.

After proper bonding time has happened, the baby is weighed in total comfort, not on a metal scale.

Krystal kisses her new baby girl. My cousin (once removed) was born in peace and will no nothing of the birth trauma that my children went through in the hospital. That is one lucky little girl.

My children were born in a hospital. So, I’m not about to challenge a woman who delivers in a hospital. I delivered there out of fear. My first daughter was stillborn because of a fluke chromosomal anomaly and for years, I lived in fear. I feel that my own hospital birthing puts me in a unique position to allow the Everything Birth Community to witness the gentleness of a home birth.

I’m not forcing anyone’s opinion. I’m not judging anyone’s choices. I just wanted you to see… because when I saw, tears of happiness flowed down my cheeks. Not because my cousin’s daughter was born, but because a little baby was born… gently.

-Dawn Papple

If you have your own birth photos, we’d love to see them. You can post them in our community forum, The Village. We’re not judgmental, we want to see your hospital birth pictures too!


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