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Bed Wetter Pants

Bed Wetter Pants

I just stumbled upon this product: Mother Ease Bedwetter Pants. These cloth pull-ups are definitely going in my shopping cart. I’ve mentioned it before, but my (full-time) step-son struggles with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. One of the big challenges with FASD is nighttime wetting. I know that it’s a common enough problem for even healthy brained children, but in our case, his bedwetting problem is caused by his disability.

I spent a short time putting him in disposable pull-ups, unsure of how to handle the bedwetting.  At four, he couldn’t snap his Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers, so that meant if he did actually remember to go to the bathroom, he’d be frustrated and dependent on us to help him. He would have zero independence if we had gone that route. We tried him in cloth trainers, but they were never absorbent enough. Besides, he wasn’t training. He has a disability. If he was going to have an accident at night, he was going to completely empty his bladder, and he wasn’t going to notice (because his brain doesn’t talk to his body like it normally would.) That’s why we had him in disposables for a short time. Not long ago, he learned how to snap his Fuzzi Bunz. Given that, we stopped with the disposable pull-ups and switched him back to the Fuzzi Bunz.

In the back of my mind though, I’ve wondered what we would do in a year or so when he would be unable to fit in the Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers any longer. I was shocked that at five, he still could. Mother Ease is a wonderful manufacturer, so I know that I can order these cloth incontinence pants with confidence. They absorb twenty one ounces of fluid!

These will make my step-son feel so good about himself that I might even use a couple of these as Christmas presents. Plus, he’ll like that they’re called “pants” and not “diapers.”

-Dawn Papple


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  1. yay! made in Canada 🙂

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