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The Down Side of Co-Sleeping

The Down Side of Co-sleeping

You hear about all of the downsides to co-sleeping.

 You hear that it will impact your intimacy.  I haven’t really found that to be true.  Couples in love and hot for each other realize soon that the laundry room and bathroom work just as good as the bedroom.

You hear about sleep deprivation, but boy I’ll tell you, waking up and going into a nursery when a baby cries to change a diaper or feed a baby really doesn’t seem like it’s going to save me much sleep.

I think co-sleeping is fantastic. I know that it regulates and matures a baby’s bodily functions like breathing. I know that it form lasting bonds and secure attachment resulting in an even more independent child at a younger age.

Last night, however, I learned of the real down side of co-sleeping. My two year old daughter has a bed, perfect for co-sleeping attached to my bed.

Around 2AM, I awoke to discover that my face was all wet. As I tried to figure out why, still half asleep, you can imagine my horror as I see my baby daughter, Ayla, wide awake and smiling, pull her index finger out of her nose and then proceed to wipe her boogers on my face.

So there you have it, folks: The real down side of co-sleeping. 

And all this time I was worried about tiny little spiders crawling into my mouth while I slept.

Kids can be so gross.

-Dawn Papple


35 Responses

  1. Oh. My. Goodness!
    I have no similar stories, I’m happy to report.
    Sharing on Natural Parents Network’s FB page – we’ll see if anyone else has a funny cosleeping story to share 🙂

  2. eeewwww! that’s one of those memories to dredge up when she brings her first boyfriend home!

  3. lol – I have to say that hasn’t happened here – but I’ve been puked and peed on in the past month while co-sleeping. Those are the definite down-sides to co-sleeping kids are Gross.

  4. Boogers make a fantastic spa facial, don’t you know, mommy? Haha.

    I awoke to my daughter vomiting in my bed. I felt very special cleaning up puke at 3am.

  5. How funny, I just discovered a real danger of co-sleeping myself! (Over and above having no room to sleep and having to change big bed sheets for accidents.)


  6. too funny! last night I woke up soaked with pee. Apparently my little ECer was sleeping really hard. Normally he wakes me up to go potty.

  7. Oh my gosh I laughed so hard when I read this! HAHAHA.

    So, so true. I never saw the “downsides” coming. There you have it, though.

  8. Ha! I usually get woken up by someone crawling across me and then tugging at my long hair, which my 16 month old still seems to get a hold of even though I tie it back before bed.

  9. Hahaaaaa! The truth finally comes out!

    These stories are fantastic!


  10. Yeah, I got peed on four times last week (baby thinks taking off diaper, scooting away and peeing is funny). Had to send the duvet out to the dry cleaners.

  11. I was rudely awakened this morning by the sound of my toddler throwing up all over my pillow. Fortunately (?), since he’d refused to eat any dinner last night (“This food not yummy” – apparently the only food that is yummy this week is sausage…), it was just undigested breastmilk.

  12. “rudely awakened” HAHAHAHA! I love how you put that!


  13. Worst Co-Sleeping experience for me was when my first son was around 14mos and he whimpered and I pulled him closer to me and then he proceeded to puke in my hair. :/

  14. Yes, worst co-sleeping experience EVER was waking up from a sudden burst of warm, wet liquid all over my face and hair. I sat up and wiped my eyes on a blanket so I could open them and then saw the clumps in my hair and it slowly dawned on me that my 3 year old had barfed dinner all over me. Thank God I was too groggy to notice the stench right away and by the time I did we were already stepping into the shower, lol. So nasty. :p

  15. hahahahahaah! and i was waiting for something horrific but in the end, the boogers on the face is priceless.

  16. What a lovely way to be woken up !! LOL

  17. I love the first part about laundry room and bathroom rondevouxes!

  18. I love the first part about laundry room and bathroom hook ups. My husband and I were snickering about this the other day! Haha. I agree with op the vomit is the worst! Although this morning I woke up to my 8 mo old laughing and twiddling my nipple. =) He thought it was great fun.

  19. Hahahaha

    I was all freaking out, on the edge of my seat, expecting something horrific… alright this was horrific, but not the sort to have me crying. Thanks for the laugh!

  20. Gotta love the booger wipe. LOL

    I have an Ayla too!!! Mine is 13

  21. My son has woke me up beating me in the face with a picture frame and scratching my gums with his finger nails, yet I still can’t seem to put him in his on bed.

  22. I laughed out loud at this! So funny! After reading the comments, though, I’m cringing to imagine what horrors await me and my bed-sharing twins. Hubby and I won’t know what hit us…

  23. Oh my goodness. I thought puke, pee, and poo was bad. *lol* ;o)

  24. There is always and up and a down side to everything. Thanks for sharing this story!

  25. it’s kool until the kid brings home a “DATE” and wants her to sleep over..lol

  26. Ew! Ew! Ew! Now that is some funny stuff right there!

  27. to funny, i co sleeped with both my girls and i most of gotten lucky because i never had a gross moment, we did end co sleeping at age 1 for both of them though because they crawl out of the co sleep, and in to are bed and we would end up on the floor.

  28. Such a great story. As a mom of 7 I have yet to have that happen to me…. (fingers crossed). I love the name Ayla by the way. Are you a fan of Jean Auel’s books?

  29. My daughter wipes boogers on me when I’m awake! What is it with kids and boogers?

  30. Hilarious! Luckily my 11 month old hasn’t done anything too crazy…yet.

  31. lol yes i was real upset to find so many people trying to beat me into not co sleeping with my daughter (who is my forth kid) with horror stories about sids. one urse in the hospital even went so far as to horrify me with gory details of a mother whos baby rolled out of the bed and dies at 2 days. It still upsets me when doctors give me the eye when i firmly tel them i co sleep. i have always co slept. its my firm opinion that babys should be tucked in my arms at night. and i dont care what they think i dont drink and i dont take sleeping pills which acounts for 90% of cases where kids are suffocated by parents. plus i just cant sleep without the baby neer.

  32. OMG–that is hilarious. I’ve been co-sleeping with my 4 month-old since birth and really enjoy the rest we get. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story. 🙂

  33. […] The Down Side of Co-Sleeping The Down Side of Co-sleeping […]

  34. lol that is so funny we have 2 out 5 currently co-sleeping and I havent had any boogers wiped on me so far but ive had my share of vomit and potty, its priceless

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