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Fuzzi Bunz: Worth more than their weight in gold. For real.

I just changed my daughter’s diaper and noticed the tag. They aren’t the new Fuzzi Bunz that you see on the Everything Birth site. They aren’t even the old Fuzzi Bunz that you see on eBay. This diaper was a diaper from 2001, it’s a classic. You can tell by the tag, which I have taken a picture of for proof.

The diaper is 9 years old, and still functioning after what amounts to over seven years of daily use. Having been through a few kids, I started doing some figuring. That ONE PARTICULAR  diaper (even when you factor in the washing costs) has already saved me about $685 over disposable diapers.

Given that I change a minimum of eight diapers a day, I multiplied $685 times eight. That’s $5480 that I did not spend on disposable diapers SO far.

Presuming my year and a half year old daughter will not potty train tonight, (Which, I can tell you, it’s not looking likely.) I’m just going to round up to when I presume I will retire my diapers and pass them along to a new family. Then, I’m going to subtract the cost of the Fuzzi Bunz.

***adding machine clicking sounds***

So, for my family, choosing Fuzzi Bunz over disposables will have saved me about $6300.

Anyway, so just on a whim, because this kind of stuff entertains me, I went in and weighed 8 Fuzzi Bunz on my scale.  Eight Fuzzi Bunz registers in at just about a half a pound. I went into Google just now and looked up what a half a pound of gold is worth. A half a pound of gold is valued at about $6000.

So, for my family:

½  pound of Fuzzi Bunz = approximately $6300

½  pound of Gold = approximately $6000

Just sayin’….

-Dawn Papple


16 Responses

  1. Greatest.post.ever.

  2. This article is completely awesome. I’m sharing it with my readers. 🙂

  3. This is awesome. 😀

  4. WOW oh WOW – that is awesome! 🙂 I am so linking to this in my weekly cloth diaper post (tomorrow)… this is awesome news! 🙂

  5. AWESOME! I really love this!

    We have some FB diapers that have been used at least 120 times each and they still look amazing and work perfectly! Guess there is still a lot of life left in them.

  6. That’s Great 🙂

  7. I HAVE THE SAME OLD OLD STYLE fbs…lol i have 22 of them…i have used them over 2 years, the mamma before me used them for three years, and she bought them used…LOL. The elastic has been replace once..and that is only because she wanted them to be in like new condtion befor she sold them..lol..i wonder if there is anywhere that sells them?

  8. I personally love this blog as well! Thanks Dawn- and will take the FuzziBunz over the gold. 😉

  9. I just love this. You nailed it! I professed my FuzziBunz love here (http://styleberryblog.com/2010/05/21/an-accidental-passion-cloth-diapering-for-the-modern-mom/) & hope to have this same story someday! Love it!

  10. Wow! What a great response! I’m so glad everyone liked it!

  11. The only thing is in comparing to using disposables, most do not change 8x a day, especially for a one and a half year old baby… I’m sure there’s a cost savings, but that’s not an accurate comparison is all. A newborn, certainly 8 changes a day, but an 18 month old, definitely less. Just a thought to consider in your comparisons.

  12. Fantastic!!! I inherited a set of Fuzzibunz that had already been through 5 kids. They’re going through my two right now and we’ll pass them on to another mommy when we’re done to help beef up someone else’s stash. I ❤ Fuzzi Bunz!

  13. One thing that I love since having switched to FuzziBunz is that I can change the kids every 2 hours if I want, which I usually do, I love seeing the rainbow of fuzzy butts, I love that when I change a little one I am not worrying about the $0.39 that they just …well you know, messed in. I don’t fret changing a CD that was on a little one for 5 minutes before they had to poop. And when a little one is sick and going through a diaper every 30-45 minutes I don’t worry about all the clothes getting washed cause of leaking sposies, I just change them and smile. I have tried many other diapers and FuzziBunz will continue to be my #1 favorite CD, they last for years, are easy to wash and use and work so well. Thanks for reminding me how many more years I will be able to use mine.

  14. […] Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size Diapers are just about the most resilient of all the diapers out there from my personal experience. They are my personal favorite. They stand the test of time. They are worth their weight in gold. […]

  15. Fuzzi Bunz are by far my favorite diaper for this exact reason. Fuzzi Bunz truly are worth their weight in gold – you nailed it! Great post 🙂

  16. […] on how cloth diapering can save you at least $1,000 per child didn’t convince you, check out this blog post about how cloth diapers are worth (more than) their weight in gold! Literally. Honest. You will be […]

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