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Curing Newborn and Infant Eczema the Old Fashioned Way

As a sensitive redhead, my little Ayla Jean has suffered from eczema since an infant. Covered head to toe in “The Itchies” posed many problems. I designed outfits that had bamboo mittens sewn in to prevent her from scratching herself after it led to bouts of staph infections. I’m not ashamed to admit that when my baby is hurting, I will try anything. Even as a seasoned “crunchy mom” I wasn’t above taking her to the pediatrician when typical homeopathic solutions and herbal cures like calendula had little to no effect. The pediatrician suggested, of course, hydrocortisone cream, topped with a nasty equivalent of petroleum jelly. This cured her for about two days, until her next outbreak but left her with a layer of slime that caused other skin irritations.

After months of trying new suggestions, I found that he most natural and least expensive remedy is sometimes the most effective. (OK, let’s face it, USUALLY the most effective.) We have a two part regime now.

When eczema arises, before she lies down to bed, I put raw honey (from my local natural vitamin store) on whatever rash she has. In order to not create a sticky mess, I dust the area with corn starch afterwards. Keep in mind, any old honey won’t work. The honey you get at Wal-Mart in the bear container is processed at high heats, rendering its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties useless. Raw honey is straight from the hive and is one of Mother Nature’s greatest medicines.

In the morning after a honey treatment, her skin is usually pretty clear. If there is any remaining itchy patches though, I like to cover my bases with an herbal remedy. My favorite remedy for killing all unfavorable infections (including bacteria like staph, viruses, and candida) is oil of oregano. Another fantastic herb to use is goldenseal.  Three Sisters Herbals makes an outstanding tincture which contains these awesome ingredients and more in their “Anti-Fungal Tincture.” Don’t let its name fool you though, because it doesn’t just cure fungal infections. This works on just about anything that can be ailing your baby’s skin. It’s designed to be taken internally, but also suggests that it can be used topically. This is easier for scared moms new to herbal remedies to handle. Many women feel uncomfortable giving their baby anything internally. In order to not waste product, you will want to put this in a base. You just mix several drops in a teaspoon of coconut oil (which is also naturally antibacterial) or jojoba oil (which is one of the best oils for the skin) for a fantastic medicated solution to wrap up any loose ends the honey didn’t cover the evening before.

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