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Midwifery Cause of Month- Global Partners in Health

Global Partners for Health

MidwifeSupplies Wish List: Wish List

Contact: spreadhealth.org

Global Partners for Health
PO Box 4536
Edwards, CO 81632


Global Partners for Health is an independent humanitarian organization delivering medical supplies to clinics, hospitals, schools and orphanages around the world. We work primarily in rural Zambia, one of the poorest countries in the world. Located in southeast Africa, Zambia has an average lifespan of 38 due to the AIDS epidemic which has left an estimated 600,000 orphans in a country of only three million people.

Global Partners for Health funds a rural clinic near Livingstone, Zambia which cares for thousands of rural Zambians. The clinic offers safe childbirth, infant and maternal care, as well as general medical care for men, women and children. We also support a nearby orphanage, the Lubasi Home for Children providing a loving, supportive and safe environment for 60 AIDS orphans.

In addition to our work in Zambia, we have recently provided funding for relief in Haiti, medical supplies for a Ugandan midwifery program, and supplies for a public health program in rural Mongolia. We are somewhat unique in that 100% of donations go directly to our programs as the founders of Global Partners for Health fund all administrative costs.

Please see our website for more information at spreadhealth.org or call Terri Glasser, Founder and Director at 410-916-4208.

Mailing address:
Global Partners for Health
PO Box 4536
Edwards, CO 81632

To purchase supplies directly for this organization – you can visit their wish list here.


star Be sure to enter this organizations address into the “Ship To” portion at check out.

starAddress to enter at checkout for Ship To:

Global Partners for Health
PO Box 4536
Edwards, CO 81632


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