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Thanks for your Donations!

I was packing birth kits and orders today and almost all of them had donations to our Midwifery Cause of the Month.  Every day I am still overwhelmed by the stories I hear from Haiti.  We all want to help.  When you donate to Midwives for Haiti, you can be sure that you are helping the women and babies in a part of the world that is devistated.

We are still accepting donations for newborn packs.

You can donate old baby items for our newborn packs.  Currently we are collecting baby hats, onesies, receiving blankets, booties, prefold diapers and diaperpins.  Please check your closets, many of us have a few of these things tucked in the back from many years ago, some of got 40 new receiving blankets at a baby shower that we know we won’t use.  Some of us have 48 prefolds we are still using, but can give one up to help a mom who has NO diapers at all.  If you wouldlike to participate in this drive, please send your items to:

Everything Birth Inc.

c/o Haiti Baby Packs

PO Box 66781
Falmouth, Maine 04105


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